For many people the first time walking into a new church can be a formidable experience, full of wonder but also full of uncertainties. First Presbyterian is more than a beautiful building; it is a loving and growing family.

Everyone that passes through our doors is welcome here. You do not need to be a cradle Presbyterian, nor do you need to be someone of much religious background or church experience. Our worship is unique, but it reaches out to a great variety of people on many different levels.

We hope that your first experience at First Presbyterian will be one that you will not forget, but most importantly we hope that you feel welcome here. If you are searching for a congregation, we would like First Presbyterian to be your church as well. And, if you are visiting, you are always welcome back.

The Service

We gather on Sunday mornings at 10:45 a.m. (9:30 a.m. during the summer). The worship order is fairly traditional. We begin with a Call to Worship, and lift our voices in an opening hymn. Then we say a Prayer of Confession, leaving room for our own silent prayer, and ever with the assurance of God's forgiveness. We exchange words, and handshakes, and gentle embraces, affirming the Peace of Christ in the lives of all.

After words of welcome and announcements about the life of the church, the children of the congregation hear a special children's message just for them. The congregation listens in, of course, and many (young and older) will find this among the most meaningful of times in the morning worship. The children are then invited to leave the sanctuary with one of the pastors and several other adults, for a time of Children's Worship geared just for them.

The worship service now turns to the Word of God, read from the Scriptures of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. Sermons at First Presbyterian Church seek to reflect meaningfully on the Biblical word, while making that word relevant for our hearing today. Our pastors are a part of the Reformed tradition of Protestant theology. Themes for preaching will range from issues of social justice, peacemaking, and Christ's call to inclusive community, to the living of just and responsible lives, the struggle to be faithful, prayer, and forgiveness. Following the sermon the congregation affirms our faith, most often using portions of "Brief Statement of Faith".

On the first Sunday of each month, the Sacrament of Holy Communion is shared. The Table is open to all who come in faith, seeking the grace of Jesus Christ in their lives. One need not be a member of First Presbyterian Church to participate in this Sacrament.

Becoming a Member

One may worship at First Presbyterian Church for any amount of time without officially "joining." But, if you do worship with us and are interested in a more formal status of membership, please contact Maria LaSala or Bill Goettler, our pastors.

Being a member of First Presbyterian allows one to participate more fully in the life, ministry, and governance of the congregation. If you are a confirmed Presbyterian, we would be glad to discuss "transferring" your official membership from a former church. If you come from another Christian tradition, we invite you to transfer your membership to the Presbyterian Church, when you are ready to take that step. If you have never been baptized and find the grace of the Holy Spirit here, it is always a profound joy to prepare seekers of Faith for baptism into Christ here. Please contact the pastors (listed above) via email.